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A Good Idea On Where To Visit When Touring Italy

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If you have a dream of visiting Italy the Dolomites is the place to go. The Dolomites are mountain range located in the northeastern part of Italy near the city of Venice. The Dolomites is a set in the wild region of Italy and anyone who loves sightseeing and photography will surely be impressed by the breath taking scenery of the Dolomites. The Dolomites has a rich historic background it was used by soldiers during the first world war.

As a result there are war museums located Mt. Lagazuoi and Cinque Torri you will have a privilege to visit when touring the Dolomites. You can also go climbing the Vie ferrate or walk through the numerous footpaths created during the war running across the Dolomites. To get to the Dolomites it will be a great idea to visit the city of Venice then jump off to the Dolomites call it a Dolomites trip. Just to ensure you have a really good Dolomites Trip you should visit different places of Venice city which also has a long historic background , before heading to the Dolomites.

Key Attrcation Sites In Verona

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The city of Venice is renowned for some of its major global attraction sites and one such site is Verona. Verona boosts of a strong heritage that inform stretches back hundreds of years. There are several major attraction sites in Veronica that one can visit while visiting the city of Venice. One of the main attraction sites are the ancient Roman ruins. These ruins consists of beautiful structures that date hundreds of years back. The ruins are a great part of Venice's and the Italian history.

The second major attraction site is the Museo di Castelvecchio. This site is actually a museum that offers a glimpse into both the city's past and its future. This is perhaps the most ideal place for those of you looking to learn a thing or two about the history of the great city of Venice. At the museum, you will find hundreds of artifacts detailing some of the key historic moments that the city has been subjected to. Of course, no description of the city of Venice can be complete without the mention of its SUP rides. The rides offer a convenient and unforgettable experience.

Importance Things People Need To Know About Touring Vicenza

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Your tours to Italy are no more fun if you do not consider going to the northern region of Venice and see the City with longest historical architectural site. This is no other than Vicenza. It is a landmark which reminds people about the top notch architectural work of Andrea Palladio which dates back from 1500AD. It is a modern cosmopolitan city with rich western history and culture which are evident in the form of Villas, art galleries, Piazzas, churches, Museums and elegant renaissance palaces among others.

In 1994, UNESCO recognized and enlisted TEATRO OLIMPICO or “City of Palladio” as world heritage site. With regard to this, the city offers a high life opportunity to mingle with the locals who are welcoming, accommodative, and friendly. You can hire tour guides to take you around Vicenza where you can witness magnificent wonders of Venice City especially the Basilica Palladiana, Teatro Olimpico, Palazzo Thiene Bonin Longare and Porta Castello tower among other sceneries. In addition to going to such wonderful sceneries, you can go for shopping in the city, go for nightlife, hotels and pubs, a barber shop and theaters where you will have a good taste of real western culture in Vicenza.


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Padua is the capital city of Padua Province, Northern Italy. It is the economic and communication hub of the area. The population density of Padua Venice Metropolitan area is estimated at 1,600,000.

Padua stands on the Bacchinglione River. The Brenta River, that once ran through the city, is still visible in the northern Districts. The agricultural setting of this area is the Venetian Plain. The Euganean Hills lie to the south west of the city. This hill received compliments from Shelley, Ugo Foscolo, Martial, Petrarch and Lucan.

Padua is the host of University of Padua, a renowned University that is almost 800 years old. This university had Galileo Galilei as one of its lecturers.

Padua is so attractive, with many arcade streets creating a large communal Piazze. There are also numerous bridge networks crossing various branches of Bacchinglione, that at one point surrounded the old walls like a moat.

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